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This setup will walk you through the steps to optimize your EPG and playlist updates in Tivimate Player.

EPG Configuration:

  1. Launch Tivimate Player and navigate to the settings menu.
  2. Select the “EPG” option.
  3. Disable the “Update on app start” setting by turning it off.
  4. Enable the “Update on Playlist change” setting to ensure that the EPG is updated whenever changes occur in your playlist.
  5. Set the update interval to 24 hours. This means the EPG will be refreshed automatically once every 24 hours.

Playlist Configuration:

  1. Open Tivimate Player and access the settings menu.
  2. Choose the “Playlist” option.
  3. Select your current playlist from the available options.
  4. Enable the “Update playlist on app start” setting to allow Tivimate Player to check for updates every time the app is launched.

Effective Update Process: By implementing the above settings, you can ensure that your EPG and playlist stay up to date effortlessly.

  • The EPG sources typically update every 24 hours as per the set interval.
  • Whenever there are changes in the playlist, the EPG will be updated automatically due to the “Update on Playlist change” setting.
  • If there are no updates to the playlist for 24 hours, the EPG will still update according to the predetermined interval.

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